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About Us

About Happy Childhood

Fulfilling the Promise of Childhood

The Happy Childhood Learning Center is a well-established, nationally accredited early children care organization with a strong focus on advanced education methods and outdoor learning. Our programs are leading the way in preschool education since 1989 and highlight the commitment to caring for the children’s mental and emotional well-being. We offer educational programs led by highly experienced and compassionate teachers and strive to fulfill our mission.

  • We apply a research-based and holistic approach to deliver the best child care and education
  • We regularly provide professional development services and seminars for teachers
  • We offer free consulting services and nature-based initiatives, including a new Outdoor Classroom Project
  • Our field-building research is focused on early childhood education, useful activities, and natural outdoor classrooms

Our Philosophy

All children can and must learn. They learn at their best when their mental and emotional needs are satisfied and when they feel safe in the surrounding environment. Our school Happy Childhood is proud to provide an educating and caring ambiance in which all our children feel safe and involved. Our center promotes individual creativity, social and academic growth, as well as respect for others, which brings up happy, confident, and successful children!